Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dream jobs and only that.

In no particular order.. funny aspirations of mine.. some real, some hopeful , mostly hopeless..

Singer in a band.
Rolling Stone Editorial Board member.
Music composer ( only for cool my kinda movies)
Movie critic. ( be it any language known to man)
Groupie ( for which band.. Linkin park?? %$%%^$*#$#.. nevermind this one!)
Travel journalist.
Gossip columnist ( bout ppl i know.. not celebrities. wats da point then huh)
Food critic.
Personal photographer ( of rockstars)
Tatoo advisor ( on wher to put one and wat design)
Cultural scientist ( no really! )
Fashion advisor (for hopelessly meterosexual men)
Bindi designer ( i swear im excellent at that)
Creative advisor. (book-covers, wesbites, paintings, photographs, music, lyrics, writing.. )
Writer ( specialising in personal accounts of love, lonliness, sorrow, music and movie tastes )
Wadrobe manager and style specialist ( for Guitar guy if he makes it big.)
Malayalam movie specialist. ( going back to my roots)
Celebrity mocker. ( like ppl on VH1 who are paid to make fun of ppl. Sersly such a cool job!)
Counceller for teenagers on drugs,sex n rocknroll ( haha like im a 40yr old mom n so been there done that)

Women's footwear designer
Coffee shop owner ( small one, nicely done with chilled out music)


Blogger FUNNYLIFIAN said...

Funny but I share almost all those aspirations...and probably as much (or as little) as u do...but hey, dont take me wrong, a few things i wud never do are becoming a bindi designer or a fashion designer...PS: and not just because I'd be really bad at it!

9:20 AM

Blogger yamini said...

i was thinking the same thing.. not me though .. as in thot it sounds a lot like what funnylifian ( i hate calling him that) wud like to do.. bindi designer?lol. i have been a victim of ur arty squishy blah bindis.. which i did like by the way.

2:06 AM

Blogger Sid said...

hmm .. Id go fa a travel show host ..billboard painter... a bungee jumping instructor ..a console game tester..cow-boy or own a small beach side cafe in d caribbeans :)! .. only if..

11:33 AM


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